My 2016 Fitness Mission

As of Monday 4th January, myself and my bestie, Samantha, will be starting our healthy fitness journey (again), along side my parents, we will keep each other motivated and on track.

We really are pushing ourselves this year, we keep fluctuating in weight... Basically we love food and have no will power at times, especially when together! However with my knowledge as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist we are finally going to conquer it this year and feel amazing and at our best by our next beach holiday! 

We are doing this through exercise and healthy eating NO DIETS! We both will however be having no alcohol throughout January, and I will also be having no chocolate, to really kickstart our journey, this is gonna take will power, but we are determined to do it

   Girls that love the beach
There may be fish

The start January 2016

January 2016

First Holiday Down

posted 2 May 2016, 03:06 by Gemma Jeffrey

Okay so we are already into the 5th month of the year and I've already had one holiday... That was my first target date for my measurements, and with a few ups and downs I was pleased with the results, I lost a total of 8lbs and a total of 9 inches from my whole body, but I know I can still become leaner...

Before I went away two weeks ago I had a wardrobe clear out and managed to get myself into some trousers I've not worn in at least 5 years! This was one of the best feelings, it shows scales aren't the best way to see your results, you need to go by your measurements, clothes and photos.

My next holiday is in 6 weeks so I will be 100% pushing myself, with the best nutrition I can and pushing my body to its limits. It's time to start the next push!! Both me and Samantha are 100% in this and will be motivating each other to get the results we want.

First Set Of Results

posted 23 Feb 2016, 11:48 by Gemma Jeffrey   [ updated 23 Feb 2016, 11:53 ]

Okay so for the first 6 weeks of the year I 100% managed to stick to what I was doing, I ate all the right things and I worked my butt off during my training sessions and the results have been fantastic...
I have lost half a stone in weight and a total of 9.5 inches over my whole body, broken down that means I have lost the following inches:
                Chest: 2.5
                Waist: 2.5
                Abs: 2
                Legs: 1.5
                Arms: 1
I had a slip up on the seventh week, where I ate a fair amount of Chocolate, however I am blaming my hormomes.

I am 100% back on track now, healthy eating and exercise is fully back on top form... I mean after all my mini holiday is only 8 weeks away now... With this in mind I know I will stay focused, with some treats in the middle, I mean I am human after all, I need to have a healthy balance.

The picture below, shows the difference in a new skirt I brought... When I first got it I wasn't too keen due to the splits being pulled apart, however now after some inch loss I am much happier.

Lots of New Trials

posted 19 Jan 2016, 04:32 by Gemma Jeffrey

So over the past week I have tried lots of new recipes from the Lean in 15 Book, mainly the snacks, breakfasts and puddings... I do love me a sweet treat!

I have also been trying lots of workouts from my new HITT Training for Women Book. This was certainly worth the buy, I'm getting some fantastic workouts as well as plenty of ideas for my clients and classes I take.

I have started craving a glass of prosecco and some mini eggs (Easter is my favourite type of chocolate), but I'm holding strong. My head is 100% focused at the moment, and I do not want to ruin hard work and motivation by cheating myself. Plus it helps that I know throughtout February I have something planned every weekend, whether that be going out for a meal or a drink, there will be a treat every weekend, and this is helping keep my focus.

This week I again have seen some results, but know it's still going to be a while before I see the major changes.

If you yourself are feeling like you haven't seen any changes yet, do not give up, keep pushing through, it takes 4 weeks for you to first notice changes in your body, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for everybody else... Don't give up keep pushing.

Week One Completed

posted 11 Jan 2016, 13:43 by Gemma Jeffrey   [ updated 11 Jan 2016, 14:21 ]

Okay that's the first week done and dusted, both Samantha and I have done our first weigh ins and have both seen good results for the first week and are extremely happy and even more focused. However we both have had very different weeks... Samantha was mainly good with her food, but did have a few cheats and did no exercise due to a busy week at work, but still saw a good result on the scales for the first week. Where as I was very strick with my food and exercsie regime and I didn't miss one workout or have any slip ups with food, even though I was tempted and again I saw good results for week one.

We are both very motivated and after seeing some results in a week, even more determind, the beach won't know what's hit it in June!!

I'm always looking for new ideas for healthy receipes and different workouts to do. So with that in mind both Samantha and I have purchased the Lean In 15 book, there are some great healthy, easy to make receipes, so very much looking forward to getting stuck in and making some of these.

Very much looking forward to the hard work of week two and the coming months... Bring It On... Good Things Come To Those Who Sweat!!

Personal Training

posted 8 Jan 2016, 05:24 by Gemma Jeffrey

Every week I have a half an hour HITT session, with a fellow Personal Trainer and friend of mine.
Now I know some people are most likely wondering why a personal trainer needs someone else training them? I find the reason I need someone training me, to keep me motivated and to push me to be the best and reach my breaking point. It also helps keep me going all week with my nutrition and other workouts so I will be on top form for these sessions.

Why HITT training? High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also called high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT), is a form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Usual HIIT sessions may vary from 4–30 minutes. These short, intense workouts provide improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, and improved fat burning. Compared with other regimens.

Here is a small 20 minute HITT Session for you all to try:

Push Ups
Butt Kicks
Triceps Dips
Side Lunges

Do each of these exercises for 45 seconds each, with a 15 second rest before you move onto the next, after you have completed the round have a minutes rest and then repeat for another 2 rounds (3 rounds in total).


posted 6 Jan 2016, 13:56 by Gemma Jeffrey

Okay so we are now into Day 3 of the mission and I am aching like you wouldn't believe, but staying on track...

So I know some of you will be saying what's DOMS? Well DOMS is better known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, but can also be called Muscle Fever, it is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise. This soreness is felt most strongly 24 to 72 hours after exercise.

I do like having sore muscles at times, however I'm struggling to lay down and sit up at the moment, so I am looking forward to this lot of DOMS being over, especially since I'm having a HITT session on Friday, I want to be at my best to have my butt kicked into shape.

Day One

posted 4 Jan 2016, 13:26 by Gemma Jeffrey   [ updated 4 Jan 2016, 13:29 ]

So today being the first day into the mission and I'm totally focused and determined, but saying that it is only day one...

I'm already feeling better within myself so I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the journey brings me.
So not only have I cut out alcohol and chocolate, I have also reduced my carbohydrates and sugar intake (not that I have much sugar anyway).

I have done 3 mini workouts today, one lasting 20 minutes, one 10 minutes and just a short abs workout before I head to bed. For the next 6 weeks I will be pushing my body to it's limits to really give myself a boost.

Attached is a snapshot of the food I've had today.

Preparation is key

posted 3 Jan 2016, 04:44 by Gemma Jeffrey   [ updated 4 Jan 2016, 10:30 ]

The key to success is to be prepared... I work shifts and some very long days, so I really plan my meals and workouts to make sure I get the best from myself as I can. Sunday's are often used for food preparation and rest days to give me that recover and relaxation time!

 I have already planned all my meals throughout January, now a few may change here and there but I have a plan in place. I have also worked out what days I can workout on, have a rest day on, etc.

Both Samantha and I have done all our measurements, weight and starting pictures so we can compare and see how far we have come as the weeks progress.

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