Day One

posted 4 Jan 2016, 13:26 by Gemma Jeffrey   [ updated 4 Jan 2016, 13:29 ]
So today being the first day into the mission and I'm totally focused and determined, but saying that it is only day one...

I'm already feeling better within myself so I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the journey brings me.
So not only have I cut out alcohol and chocolate, I have also reduced my carbohydrates and sugar intake (not that I have much sugar anyway).

I have done 3 mini workouts today, one lasting 20 minutes, one 10 minutes and just a short abs workout before I head to bed. For the next 6 weeks I will be pushing my body to it's limits to really give myself a boost.

Attached is a snapshot of the food I've had today.
Gemma Jeffrey,
4 Jan 2016, 13:26