First Set Of Results

posted 23 Feb 2016, 11:48 by Gemma Jeffrey   [ updated 23 Feb 2016, 11:53 ]
Okay so for the first 6 weeks of the year I 100% managed to stick to what I was doing, I ate all the right things and I worked my butt off during my training sessions and the results have been fantastic...
I have lost half a stone in weight and a total of 9.5 inches over my whole body, broken down that means I have lost the following inches:
                Chest: 2.5
                Waist: 2.5
                Abs: 2
                Legs: 1.5
                Arms: 1
I had a slip up on the seventh week, where I ate a fair amount of Chocolate, however I am blaming my hormomes.

I am 100% back on track now, healthy eating and exercise is fully back on top form... I mean after all my mini holiday is only 8 weeks away now... With this in mind I know I will stay focused, with some treats in the middle, I mean I am human after all, I need to have a healthy balance.

The picture below, shows the difference in a new skirt I brought... When I first got it I wasn't too keen due to the splits being pulled apart, however now after some inch loss I am much happier.
Gemma Jeffrey,
23 Feb 2016, 11:53