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Rachael Norman

I consider myself fairly fit and run 10k every other day, but I felt that I could do with some concentration on toning up my arms/stomach etc.  I found Gemma's number through her website.  She contacted me back immediately and we had an in depth consultation about what type of programme would suit my requirements.  I had planned to have just a block of four sessions and then carry on myself.  However, that was June 2014 and I am still having a session each week!  This is due to the great variety of new equipment and exercises Gemma has introduced - no week is ever the same and the results are definitely showing.  I would have no hesitation to recommend Gemma as she has a professional yet friendly approach.

Liam Walker

I am a marathon runner and Gemma was recommended to me by a friend after a persistent knee injury. 

After a couple of sessions I saw huge improvement on not only my knee but my recovery time after runs.  My legs felt so much lighter which meant I could train more. 

I use Gemma once a week and she plays a big part in my training. Gemma is very professional and flexible which means I can have appointments after work. Gemma is also trained in warm bamboo and hot stone massage and I found warm bamboo very  beneficial as it allows more pressure to be placed on my muscles. 

I would highly recommend Gemma and have.

Gerry James

Firstly I am not a body-builder or a sportsman, I do little or no physical exercise. 

I am a 60 year old ex Royal Air force Serviceman, now a bus inspector for a local firm. 

I just enjoy having massages.

Gemma on my first appointment gave me an in-depth health and physical assessment before advising me on the required massage treatment.

Gemma will give me my third massage treatment, during the week, with many more to come! 

With her talent I still do not understand how she is not fully booked every minute of the day, week and month.

I have, and do recommend her to anybody.


I first used Gemma for sports massage when I had a very painful neck and knotted shoulder. She was excellent at getting it sorted and gave me exercises to use in between our sessions, which I have continued to use as a preventative measure. When I heard she was going to start up as a personal trainer I jumped at the chance to book a block of sessions. After an in depth discussion about what I wanted from the sessions, Gemma has written a program to suit my needs and goals. She has varied the program every few sessions to keep it fresh and interesting. She is enthusiastic and very motivating; she pushes you hard and won’t tolerate slacking. I have found Gemma to be very flexible and approachable and would certainly recommend her. I for one will definitely be booking another block of sessions very soon – and I haven’t even finished the first lot!


Gemma was highly recommended to me for a sports massage because I have had a very sore stiff lower back and hips for years, mainly from sitting down too long in desk jobs. It got to the stage where I found it very difficult to bend down to put my socks on and since I am in the Armed Forces, I thought I should get it sorted out! Gemma is extremely professional and started with a full assessment of my movements and then treated my lower back with massage. I felt immediate relief and had much better freedom of movement in the week afterwards so I have already booked another treatment. Gemma has also written me a full personal training programme and went through it with me from warm up and exercises to stretching at the end. I was not expecting to have so much fun with a kettlebell and it surprised me just how much you could do in the comfort of your own living room. I really enjoyed the training because Gemma had varied the exercises so much. I highly recommend her for both massage and personal training.

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