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Sitting at a desk all day
Manual work

But I'm not 'Sporty'

You don’t need to be a sports person to benefit from sports massage.


Some workers have very physical and often repetitive work which leads to tight, sore muscles which in turn can result in long-term injuries.


For example, muscles held in a small range of motion for long periods of time day after day are put under as much strain, if not more, than an athlete who may only train for a few hours each week.


Office workers who sit at a computer all day often suffer the long-term effects due to poor seating posture and position of their hands on the keyboard. This can result in very tight shoulders and neck muscles which can lead to severe headaches and back aches.


Regular sports massage is excellent maintenance for workers and office professionals, enabling them to work hard, be pain free and reduce the risk of long-term injury.

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