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Sports Massage


Sports massage is designed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during training.










Incorporating massage in your conditioning program has many benefits.

  • It helps you get into good shape faster, and with less stiffness and soreness.

  • It helps you recover faster from heavy workouts, and relieves conditions which may cause injury.

  • A complete workout routine includes not only the exercise itself, but also caring for the wear-and-tear and minor injuries that naturally occur with strenuous movement.

  • The physiological and psychological benefits of massage make it an ideal complement to a total conditioning program.


What should I expect during the treatment?


When should I get a massage?     

  • Pre-event sports massage -- is a short, stimulating massage 15 - 45 minutes before the event. It is directed toward the parts of your body that will be involved in the excertion.

  • Post-event sports massage -- is given within an hour or two of the event, to normalize your body's tissues.

  • Restorative sports massage -- is given during training to allow you to train harder and with less injury

  • Rehabilitative sports massage -- is aimed at alleviating pain due to injury and returning the body to health.


Sports massage is also good for people who don't compete in sports but who have injuries, chronic pain or a restricted range of motion. Please go to 'But I'm not 'sporty'

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